Date: 02.07.20

Time: 7.30pm

Price: Free


Zoom Live in Concert! Free Tickets!

Limited Number of tickets available.


USE CODE: 'ZOOM FREE' at the checkout


Please book via this free purchase. Once your order is complete you will receive a PDF via email with the Zoom joining instructions.


DISCLAIMER: One purchase per customer. The invites are tracked against the purchaser, if you share your invite code with anyone you will risk losing your virtual seat in the concert and will be removed from future free concert purchases. To ensure the safety of all fans and viewers these purchases are monitored to ensure every concert is a safe, respectful and welcoming space. Tickets are free, but limited numbers are available and are on a first come first serve basis. Resale of these tickets for profit will result in removal from all future virtual concerts.

Zoom Concert Ticket 02.07.20